DSP Marketing for Amazon Done Remarkably

reMKTR is an automated platform for managing Amazon DSP that focuses on showing your products to high-intent customers delivering maximum return on ad spend.

We offer a Different Kind of DSP Solution.

We are a technology first solution for Amazon DSP.

reMKTR leverages Amazon’s First-Party data to target the right customers at the right time.

We focus on high revenue strategies and leverage our algorithmic based optimization engine to delivery the highest ROAS possible for your DSP campaigns.

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DSP that Works for You!

We believe success with DSP comes down to three factors: Strategy, Optimization and Transparency

Targeting the High-Intent Customers

We’ve refined 3 simple strategies for targeting the right shopper 

Amazon knows who your competitors are. They know what keywords customers search for when buying your products. Using Amazon’s first party data, we create audiences of high-intent shoppers who have viewed your product page, viewed competitor products, searched for converting keywords so we can target the right customers when they are in buying mode.

Algorithmic Based Performance Optimizations

Our platform automatically adjusts your CPM bids daily to meet your goals.

reMKTR is only of the only platforms on the market to leverage algorithmic based automations to optimize CPM bids. We’ve trained our platform on over $20M in managed DSP spend so we can deliver the highest return on ad spend and reach.


Real-Time Web Based Reporting Access

No more black hole! We provide you with a real-time reporting portal where you can see the metrics that matter to you.


We are so confident in our platform & strategies to deliver amazing results for you, we guarantee it.

Our team is so committed to helping your succeed and grow your business that if we don’t reach your ROAS goals within the first 30 days, we will waive our fees!

Why is DSP the Competitive Advantage for Amazon Sellers?


Amazon knows what you buy. It knows that you put that book on your wishlist last week and that you were browsing for a new pair of running shoes (size 10.5) on Tuesday. You won’t find audience insights that powerful anywhere else.


Amazon DSP helps you secure PRIME real estate for your ads. (See what we did there?) This allows you to target the right shopping and reach them when they are in shopping mode.


In the past, access to DSP was only offered to large brands willing to commit to $35k+ a month in spend. Because of this most Amazon brands aren’t running DSP.

Amazon DSP for BRANDS

We offer best-in-class Amazon DSP management for Brands

  • We focus on revenue driving strategies by targeting by targeting high-intent customer audiences built by leveraging Amazon’s first-party data.

  • Algorithmic based CPM Optimization to hit your ROAS Targets

  • Real-Time Web Based Performance Reporting Portal

  • No Long Term Commitments

  • Flat Rate Pricing (no % of spend)

  • You choose the strategies that make sense for your brand and the budget you want to spend

  • Minimum Risk – Start for as little as $150 a day

Some of our trusted brands & partners


We offer a first of it’s kind, White-Label solution for Amazon DSP for Amazon Agencies. We provide you with full end -to-end DSP management, billing and reporting. Allowing your to unlock additional revenue and services for your agency without any additional hiring.

No matter your budget. We deliver the results you're looking for